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Outline Agenda

Thursday January 26th

  • Data analysis with NOTOCORD-hem
    New developments in NOTOCORD-hem
    User presentations:
    • How to customize ECG51a to calculate S-T segment elevation
    • Beat to beat analysis with QTc data using RME10a and XYD30a
    • Arrhythmia and torsade de pointe detection in Non-Human Primate
    • Measurement of Pulse Wave Velocity, a translational cardiovascular parameter to assess arterial stiffness
    • Integration of external analysis modules into NOTOCORD-hem (EXT10n)
  • Data collection & hardware connection with NOTOCORD-hem
  • NOTOCORD-hem tips & tricks + Reporting in MS Excel
  • Conference dinner & networking time

Friday January 27th

  • NOTOCORD-Sense: new cloud-based collaborative platform for data acquisition & analysis
  • Thoughts & plans for interfacing between Instem & NOTOCORD products
  • Thoughts & plans for Instem University – NOTOCORD Academy; e-learning platform (CBT)
  • MEA (multielectrode arrays) data analysis

If you are interested in presenting or would like to suggest a topic, please contact us