Bernadette Hamon

Head of Operational Unit - Safety Pharmacology


"Sanofi has used NOTOCORD-hem for more than 20 years, for data recording and analysis in cardiovascular studies on anaesthetized or conscious animals (telemetry recording). We have also used NOTOCORD-hem for isolated organ studies (Purkinje fiber, isolated heart…).

NOTOCORD-hem is above all an extremely intuitive and user-friendly software. Experimental protocol is very easy to set up and we can benefit from a wide range of modules to acquire and analyze data. Data extraction via the Excel interface is also very practical and easy to use.

NOTOCORD-hem has evolved a lot since its creation in 1989, to answer its clients’ needs and wishes, improve data analysis and follow technics evolutions…

When needed, we also benefited from a very effective, reactive and friendly team. The NOTOCORD support engineers have always done their best to answer our questions and resolve our problems.

I highly recommend NOTOCORD-hem as it is for me the most user-friendly software in the cardiovascular field."