Nicoletta Garbati

PhD, Scientist, Cardiovascular & Respiratory Safety Pharmacology Safety Assessment Preclinical Biosciences


"I use NOTOCORD-hem™ since 2010 to record and then elaborate data for Cardiovascular studies performed on dog and not-human primates, both GLP and non-GLP.

Before starting to work in the Cardiovascular department, I worked within the Electrophysiology department as patch-clamper, so I was familiar with recording ion channel software, basically similar to NOTOCORD-hem™ for the online recording of traces.

When I started to work in vivo using NOTOCORD-hem™, I actually immediately faced that this software was intuitive and logical compares to similar ones. Not only for the acquisition settings but also for the elaboration data part, recently really improved.

I do recommend NOTOCORD-hem™ as it is per se a good software and also because the staff behind it is really careful to fix problems when needed."