Online meeting

NOTOCORD® Support team provides remote technical assistance using GoToMeeting®, an application that allows to share a desktop between the organizer and one or several attendees in a web conference.

Online session

GoToMeeting® provides a collaboration space either on the customer's desktop, for online problem solving and troubleshooting, or on the organizer's desktop, for training on specific topics or demonstration of new functionalities.

Example remote assistance with GoToMeeting

Our online meetings are easy to setup, completely private and secure, and firewall-friendly !
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How to connect

  • Ask Support or your Sales rep for remote assistance
  • Wait for our GoToMeeting® invitation email
  • Go to or click on the link embedded in the mail sent to you
  • Enter meeting ID provided by your NOTOCORD® contact
  • Download the software and follow the instructions


  • Support
  • Web conference
  • Private & secure
  • Problem solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training