From camera to video files archiving

NOTOCORD® offers a complete solution for video-associated experiments. We provide infrared digital video cameras, dedicated acquisition servers for broadcasting and remote monitoring, advanced video display synchronized with physiological signals, and light-weight archiving.

Our video solutions are compliant with GLP requirements thanks to the security application Labmanager.

NOTOCORD Camera and video acquisition serversCameras distributed by NOTOCORD® are compatible with a wide range of video digitizing systems and have an embedded microphone, with high signal/noise ratio using SONY or SHARP CCD sensors.

Cameras with embedded infrared light emitting are also available for night measurements. These devices work with simple 12 Volts power supply.  

VSH10a our dedicated acquisition server allows simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 or 8 video channels with sound, along with any other type of signals supported by NOTOCORD-hem™. Each channel can be configured individually.
The servers provide a "Motion" output, an index that quantifies movement, customizable with a user-defined mask for better focus on movement or zones of interest. The entire image is still recorded for regular visual analysis. The user-friendly interface is displayed in a single panel and offers a preview function.

Data streams benefit from optimal real time compression during acquisition.

At NOTOCORD®, we do understand your need for secure data handling and confidentiality of video recordings. Video streams are encrypted by NOTOCORD-hem™.

For GLP requirements, our highly-secure LabManager application enables access control, via user permissions management, and maximal action traceability of video modules. The security strategy is maintained at server level and LabManager interacts with all NOTOCORD® applications that involve video streams.

Display of video data is synchronized with other signals, including activity and ECG for example. The multi-graph display functionality may show video only, graphs only or both continuously.

Activity, ECG and video displayed simultaneously

On the screenshot above, arterial pressure and ECG signals are collected from a telemetry experiment on a dog and analyzed. Video is simultaneously acquired and displayed, and an index of animal activity is automatically computed.

ECG editing with video

We developped a powerful graphical module capable of editing and validating ECG analysis with synchronized video. Instantaneous access to high quality video directly in the module's interface allows to play video stream related to the displayed ECG waveforms. Video is a great tool for selecting validation zone and matching recorded physiological signals with animal behavior.

Broadcast and remote monitoring

4-channel monitoring

Live broadcast of video streams on a local network is possible thanks to the combination of a video stream broadcaster and a video monitoring application. Together they allow real-time remote display of video data streams being recorded in NOTOCORD-hem™. 1 to 8 video channels can be broadcasted simultaneously from a NOTOCORD-hem™ session.
The application is subject to access control.

NOTOCORD Video removerOur Video Remover application is designed to perform fast and light-weight archiving as video data contained in files can be removed partially or entirely. Video parts of interest (to be kept) are selected thanks to user-defined markers.

The new and lighter file created will contain all other signals but regarding video, only the sections of interest (if any) wil be included. Video Remover allows saving typically 80-95% of memory space when discarding the whole video data.

CAM10b Analog camera with infra-red light
CTD60v Universal chart display with video
EXP10v Export of video data streams
LMG10a System ensuring security of video data streams
MON10a Remote monitoring of video data streams
Video Remover Removal of video for fast and light-weight archiving
VME10v Edition and validation of ECG analysis / with synchronized video
VSB10a Video stream broadcaster for remote monitoring
VSH10a/b 4-/8- channel video acquisition server



  • Complete package
  • Synchronization
  • Broadcast
  • Monitoring
  • Access control
  • Audit trail
  • Easy archiving