Solutions for telemetry

Telemetry is widely used in research laboratories to record remotely signals from conscious and freely moving animals. Data collected over long periods of time reflect accurately the physiological changes occurring in the course of an experiment.

Continuous recordings also generate large volumes of data requiring powerful software solutions for quality analysis. The high compression rate and storage capacity of NOTOCORD-hem™ guarantee ultra fast access to any period of the signal whatever the experiment file size is. All data are included in a single file that can accomodate more than 10 GB.

All NOTOCORD-hem™ modules and applications are suitable for telemetry acquired signals.  Our specific ECG analyzers for dogs, guinea-pigs and primates have been specifically validated for telemetric signals on unrestrained and conscious animals. Video acquisition is synchronized with other analog signals for behavior monitoring and activity index. The Video Remover application is available to delete useless video sequences for light-weight archiving.

Combining cardiovascular, respiratory and video solutions, NOTOCORD-hem™ offers a complete and flexible package for telemetry experiments.

Non-invasive telemetryVideoHardware Compatibility

Implantable Telemetry NOTOCORDImplants allow very long signal recordings and do not impact on animal behavior. Signals are collected from stressless animals, free of device interference or failure like electrode detachment. They provide high-quality data for parameters such as flow analysis on large animals, ECG, arterial pressure, accurate animal temperature.

Our software is fit for physiological signals collected from implants, including DSI, TSE Systems and Konigsberg/ITS devices.

NOTOCORD-hem™ is compatible with DSI OpenART™ providing dedicated acquisition servers (DSI60a/b/c/d), and  with the lateste DSI implants thanks to DSI71a-e acquiring up to 32 sources and analyzing data from DSI’s Hybrid Digital (HD) implantable transmitters. Data collected with these implants can be processed with NOTOCORD® modules for cardiovascular and respiration studies.

NOTOCORD-hem™ is also compatible with TSE Systems devices, through STE10/30 acquisition servers, a dedicated acquisition server for Stellar Telemetry implants that connects up to 8/16/32 implants. All the data come through one receiver.
> Stellar Telemetry brochure

Following the Konigsberg (ITS) closure announcement, NOTOCORD continues to support all customers using such technology. Thanks to analog outputs, there is no impact on software. NOTOCORD is connected to multiple telemetry platforms and we will be glad to assist customers in developing new strategies.


Non-invasive telemetry experiments offer time-saving analysis conditions as they do not require surgery hence no recovery time. Our acquisition servers are designed for optimal compatibility with telemetry hardware including ITS Physiojacket and iPRECIO devices.  Other devices coulbe used on demand.

Data acquired with DSI JET™ can be analyzed in NOTOCORD-hem™ thanks to CPH10a an application converting Ponemah data files (RAW) into NOTOCORD® files (NSS). An alternate solution is currently under study to provide a fast and easy connection between the two systems.

IPD30a is an acquisition server and a controller allowing data collection from Primetech iPRECIO® Dual infusion pumps and scheduling of infusions.
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CPH10a Ponemah to NOTOCORD file converter
DSI60a/b/c/d DSI OpenArt 4-/8-/12-/16- source acquisition server
DSI71a/b/c/d/e DSI acquisition server for up to 32 implants
IPD30a iPRECIO® Dual pump acquisition server and controller for up to 8/16 devices
MON10a Remote monitoring of video data streams
STELLAR TELEMETRY Stellar Telemetry acquisition servers STE10a and STE30a
Video Remover Removal of video for fast and light-weight archiving
VME10e/v Edition and validation of ECG analysis / with synchronized video
VSB10a Video stream broadcaster for remote monitoring
VSH10a/b 4-/8- channel video acquisition server


  • Freely-moving
  • Long recordings
  • High-quality
  • Data compression
  • Video monitoring
  • Acquisition servers