Analysis of respiration signals

Our portfolio includes analysis modules for respiratory signals collected from a variety of experimental setups such as plethysmography, pneumotachography, implants, catheter etc. NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution acquisition servers are compatible with any hardware providing BNC analog outputs.

Signals acquired during plethysmography experiments are first corrected for baseline drift on a cycle-by-cycle basis before any parameter computation. Extracted respiratory parameters include instantaneous and tidal volumes, respiratory rate, inspiratory and expiratory times, peak inspiratory and expiratory flows.

Regarding acquisition, our server BUX10a automatically identifies Buxco MAXII and MAX1500 hardware connected to the computer via a USB 2.0 port. For EMMS hardware we provide a 1-12 channel demultiplexer, in accordance with the number of connected plethysmographs that continuously measures temperature and relative humidity.

Example analysis - whole body plethysmography (WBP)

Whole body plethysmography (WBP) experiments are widely used in basic and preclinical research for non-invasive pulmonary measurements of conscious and unrestrained animals. At NOTOCORD®, we developped several modules to help you deal with signal acquisition and analysis.

Schematic whole-body plethysmography experimental setup

Our analyzers PLY30b and PLY30m both perform analysis of ventilatory parameters and compute enhanced pause parameter (PENH). PLY30b is suitable for animals with respiratory rate up to 360 breaths/minute, and uses constant user-defined values of chamber’s temperature and humidity and animal’s temperature for flow and volume estimation. PLY30m is suitable for animals with respiratory rate up to 600 breaths/minute, and offers an optional dynamic correction factor for changes in animal temperature, chamber temperature and chamber relative humidity.

Example analysis - head-out plethysmography (HOP)

For Head-Out Plethysmography (HOP) signals, our analyzer PLY30h extracts respiratory parameters and computes PENH. PLY30h is suitable for animals with respiratory rate up to 600 breaths/minute.

Respiratory parameters during HOP experiment in mouse with PLY30h

Extracted and computed parameters include respiratory flow and volume, inspiration and expiration times, respiration rate and relaxation time.

Pneumotacograph experiments provide continuous recording of instantaneous respiratory air flow rates, assessing respiratory mechanics in restraint animals.

Example analysis

RSP30a, our respiration analyzer for restraint animals, computes airway resistance and lung elastance in addition to standard ventilatory parameters such as instantaneous tidal and minute volumes, inspiratory and expiratory times, respiratory rate, resistance and compliance.

Respiratory mechanics analysis with RSP30a

Respiratory impedance signal, as provided by DSI's D70-PCTR implant for telemetered cardiorespiratory studies on freely moving large animals, allows indirect assessment of respiratory rate, tidal volume and minute ventilation.

Example analysis

Our analyzer RIA30a extracts all parameters recommended by the ICH S7A for the Respiratory Core Battery from the impedance signal only.

Respiratory impedance signal analysis with RIA30a

On the example above from a dog respiratory impedance signal, RIA30a estimates the instantaneous volume and computes tidal volume, respiratory rate and minute ventilation parameters.

Intra-thoracic pressure signal is commonly obtained using a catheter inside the thoracic cavity and allows indirect assessment of the respiratory system.

Example analysis

TPA30a, our online analyzer for intra-thoracic pressure signal, computes for each respiratory cycle the respiratory rate, depth, minimum and maximum pressures, and inspiratory and expiratory  times. TPA30a is compatible with any intra-thoracic pressure catheter.

Intrathoracic pressure analysis with TPA30a

BUX10a Buxco MAX II / MAX 1500 Acquisition server
PLY30b Whole body plethysmography respiration analyzer
PLY30h Head-out plethysmography respiration analyzer
PLY30m Respiration whole body plethysmography analyzer with correction (up to 600 bpm)
RFP10a Respiration rate from blood pressure
RIA30a Respiratory impedance analyzer
RSP30a Restraint animal respiration analyzer
TPA30a Intra-thoracic pressure analyzer
VMA10a Inductive Plethysmography Analyzer



  • Ventilatory parameters
  • Impedance
  • Plethysmography
  • PENH
  • Pneumotachography
  • Intra-thoracic pressure