Neurology studies

ICH S7A guideline recommends in the Safety Pharmacology Core battery to investigate the effect of the test substance on vital functions, i.e. cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous systems. NOTOCORD-hem™provides central and peripheral nervous systems analyzers.

Electroencephalogram analysis provides a lot of valuable information on brain activity, of particular interest in studies on:

  • Drug effects on the central nervous system in Safety Pharmacology
  • Therapeutic properties of a new drug in Discovery Studies
  • EEG rhythms in sleep studies

Example analysis

Spectral analysis of the EEG signal, with EEG10a, provides Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta bands on user-defined successive epochs.  It computes absolute / relative power for each defined EEG rhythm. A filter bank is applied to the input signal and the band powers are measured in real time.

EEG analysis showing spectra, alpha and beta bands.

The figure above shows collected EEG signal, with spectra, alpha and beta bands computed in real-time by EEG10a.

Peripheral nervous systems can be investigated, for nerve conduction studies for example, through electromyogram (EMG) collection and analysis.

Example analysis

In NOTOCORD-hem™ EMG activity is analyzed with NVC31. The module removes the offset, rectifies the signal and calculates an activity index.

EMG analysis for neurobehavioral studies on a rat

The figure above shows the EMG signal together with rectified EMG and EMG activity.

ARN30a Neuronal action potential analyzer
EEG10a Spectral analysis of electroencephalogram
EEG10b Spectral analysis of electroencephalogram with RMS and MPS calculation
NVC31a EMG activity analyzer
SZR30a Automated seizure detector



  • Electro-
  • Spectral analysis
  • Bands power
  • Electromyogram
  • Video monitoring