Medical Biodefense

Medical Biodefense by NOTOCORD

NOTOCORD® offers the most reliable and flexible platform for data acquisition and analysis in the field of medical biodefense.

  • Up to 128 analog channels with Konigsberg Instruments / ITS
  • Up to several weeks of continuous acquisition
  • Simultaneous data acquisition from multiple base stations

With our telemetry partners:

  • Integrated Telemetry Systems
  • Data Science International
  • TSE Stellar Telemetry

We provide unique custom solutions for data acquisition, analysis and reporting on a large scale, long-term data monitoring, real-time data reduction and visualization which includes:

  • Accurate core temperature measurements with threshold based alarms and notifications
  • Multiple respiratory parameters
  • Arterial and ventricular pressures
  • Activity and Biopotentials
  • Tracking of subject ID

NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution is GLP and 21CFR Part 11 compliant.


  • Reliable and flexible paltform
  • Large scale analysis and reporting
  • Long-term data monitoring
  • Real-time data visualization