Hemodynamic measurements

Hemodynamic measurements allow extraction of several indexes relative to contractility and stiffness, ventricule dimensions, aortic, peripheral and pulmonary blood pressure and blood flow. NOTOCORD® provides a selection of modules dedicated to pressure and flow signals, extracting the characteristic points for high-quality and complete analysis.

Example analysis

In the example below, left ventricular pressure, aortic pressure, aortic flow and pulmonary artery pressure signals are acquired on a conscious pig.

 Analysis of ventricular, aortic and pulmonary pressures

The left ventricular pressure signal, analyzed with LVP30a and showing end-diastolic pressure points, is superimposed on the aortic pressure signal. The aortic flow signal is analyzed with AFL30a, showing minimum, maximum and mean values. Analysis of the pulmonary artery pressure with APR31a indicates the systolic and diastolic pressure points). The numerical display DIG10a shows online some relevant parameters extracted by the analyzers.

Pressure-Volume loop analysis is commonly used during hemodynamic experiments to extract numerous indexes on ventricular contractility and stiffness. This kind of experiment can also be performed during follow-up studies for safety pharmacology core battery and during ischemia/reperfusion studies.

Example analysis

In the example below, left ventricular pressure and volume signals are acquired on an anaesthetized mouse for pressure-volume analysis.

PV loop analysis with PVL10l

The left ventricular pressure and volume signals are analyzed with PVL10l that extracts end-diastolic pressure and volume points. Pressure-Volume loops are build from the blue zone and displayed during inferior vena cava occlusion. End-Systolic and End-Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relationships (ESPVR and EDPVR, respectively) are extracted from the PV loops and displayed on the PV loops.

AFL30a Arterial flow analyzer
APR31a Arterial Blood Pressure Analyzer
DIM30a Cardiovascular dimension analyzer
LVP31a Left ventricular pressure analyzer
PVL10l Pressure-Volume loop analyzer for small and large animals



  • Flow & pressure
  • Contractility index
  • PV loop