Solutions for cardiovascular studies

NOTOCORD® offers a broad range of dedicated software tools for data acquisition and analysis in cardiovascular studies, ensuring online computation of relevant parameters with high detection performance and video synchronization.

Experimental setups

Our cardiovascular solutions adapt to the various experimental setups conventionally used for safety pharmacology and toxicology studies:

  • Conscious / anesthetized animals
  • Freely moving / restrained animals
  • Telemetry
  • Isolated heart, papillary muscle

Hardware compatibility brochureHardware compatibility

Our interest lies in providing maximum hardware compatibility for data acquisition. Flawless connectivity is ensured thanks to our specific acquisition servers for hardware manufacturers Corscience, DSI™, ITS, is ensured thanks to our specific acquisition servers for hardware manufacturers Corscience, DSI™, ITS, etc.

Complementary tools

The versatility of NOTOCORD® cardiovascular solutions offers the possibility to increase efficiency of data recording, analysis and display. Our portfolio of advanced modules is designed to help you get the best out of your experiments!
Signal processing filters are available to correct ECG signal distortion induced by filters built in specific implants. ECG might be edited and PQRST points modified and validated on user-defined analysis zones.
Video recording synchronization and display is available for monitoring animal behavior, of particular interest for improving cardiac safety analysis or in safety  pharmacology and toxicology studies.


Species- and context-dependent ECG analyzers were developed and validated using an extensive database of real ECG signals manually annotated by experts. They are easy to use with little or no parameters to set and fast processing for an efficient detection.

  ECG & arrhythmia solutions

Arterial blood pressure

Our automated arterial blood pressure analyzer is adapted to small and large animals blood pressure rates and morphologies.

  Hemodynamics solutions

PV loop

We designed an analyzer for in vivo assessment of ventricular contractility and stiffness in small and large animals, of interest in follow-up studies for Safety Pharmacology Core Battery and ischemia / reperfusion studies.

  Hemodynamics solutions

Left ventricular pressure

Our analyzer for left ventricular pressure signal provides essential information on systolic and diastolic functions during long-term telemetry studies. pressure rates and morphologies.

  Hemodynamics solutions