Action potential analysis

NOTOCORD® offers a broad range of dedicated software tools for data acquisition and analysis in action potential analysis.


Cardiac action potentials reflects the movement of ions through transmembrane channels of cardiac cells and participate in coordinating the heart contractions. Modifications in cardiac action potentials, due to drug adverse effects for example, can lead to arrhythmias.

Example analysis - Purkinje fiber action potential

Purkinje fibers are specialized myocardial fibers that conduct an electrical impulse enabling the heart to contract in a coordinated manner. In NOTOCORD-hem™, the action potential signal is acquired together with stimulation triggers, calibrated to the physiological values and then analyzed by our action potential analyzer APA31a.

Action potential analysis with APA31a

Extracted data include dV/dt max, total amplitude, early repolarization amplitude and the repolarization time at 50% and 90% of total amplitude.

Example analysis - Monophasic action potential

Monophasic action potential recordings allow to assess changes in myocardial repolarization. Our analyzer MAP30a detects monophasic action potential shapes and computes relevant data.

Monophasic action potential analysis with MAP30a

Computed characteristic points include the resting potential, potential beginning, minimum, maximum and minimum, recovery time at different percentages of total magnitude.

Neuronal action potentials are  sudden and transient depolarizations of the axon's plasma membrane, responsible for the transmission of nerve impulse.

Example analysis

ARN30a performs online analysis of neuronal extracellular action potential and extracts parameters such as action potential minimum and maximum, dV/dt min and max, latency etc.

Neuronal action potential analysis with ARN30a

APA10r Action potential analyzer for refractory period measurement
APA31a Cardiac Action Potential Analyzer with P1A parameter
ARN30 Neuronal action potential analyzer
MAP30a Monophasic action potential analyzer



  • Cardiac action potential
  • Monophasic
  • Purkinje fiber
  • Neuronal action potential