Software packs for Academic Research

With the Academic Packs, NOTOCORD® offers all-in-one software solutions for Life Sciences academic research at competitive rates.

The Academic Packs consist of sets of modules designed for the analysis of cardiovascular, respiratory, electrophysiology and neurological signals.

The General Pack contains the heart of the system: NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution, a powerful software platform for data acquisition, analysis and display.
NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution is compatible with many acquisition systems (DSI, WPI, etc. ) and with Microsoft Excel® via the Excel wizard, a specific tool designed by NOTOCORD® to extract data and generate reports in Excel®.

A modular system

The General Pack is the working basis on which is integrated one or several specific Academic Pack(s) containing the modules necessary to the signal analysis.

  • General Pack: Software platform, acquisition servers, filters, signal processing and displays.
  • CardioPack: ECG, QT, arterial flow and blood pressure, ventricular pressure.
  • RespiPack: Respiratory rate and volume, resistance, plethysmography.
  • NeuroPack: EEG, EMG, threshold detection.
  • ePhysioPack: Action potentials, contractility, isolated organs.

  Download the list of modules included in each Academic Pack

NOTOCORD software academic pack


  • All-in-one
  • Competitive prices
  • Academic oriented
  • Modular
  • Compatible