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Academic Research

Academic research

NOTOCORD® created the Academic Packs, all-in-one software solutions available at competitive rates and dedicated to academic research in Life Sciences. CardioPack, Neuropack, RespiPack, ePhysioPack? Choose yours !

Action Potential

Action potential

Cardiac action potentials, including monophasic action potentials, and neuronal action potentials can be analyzed, with NOTOCORD-hem™, in studies evaluating drug impact on the transmission of cardiac and nerve impulses.

Baroreflex NOTOCORD


Spontaneous baroreflex occurs to maintain blood pressure homeostasis. Our solutions allow to estimate the spontaneous baroreflex between systolic blood pressure and pulse interval in either the time domain or the frequency domain.

Medical Biodefense NOTOCORD


NOTOCORD® offers the most reliable and flexible platform for data acquisition and analysis in the field of medical biodefense. We provide unique custom solutions for data acquisition, analysis and reporting on a large scale, long-term data monitoring, real-time data reduction and visualization.

Cardiovascular NOTOCORD


NOTOCORD® offers a broad range of dedicated software tools for data acquisition and analysis in cardiovascular studies, ensuring online computation of relevant parameters with high detection performance and video synchronization.


ECG & arrhythmia

Our portflio includes automated (real-time) and semi-automated (offline) high-performance ECG analyzers and an arrhythmia detector compatible with multiple species and experimental protocols.

In-vitro / Ex-vivo

Ex vivo

By using advanced high resolution data acquisition devices, NOTOCORD-hem™ combines monophasic action potential, ECG, flow, pressures and video to perform state of the art ex vivo cardiovascular assays.



For hemodynamic measurements, NOTOCORD® provides a selection of modules dedicated to pressure and flow signals, extracting the characteristic points for high-quality and complete analysis.



NOTOCORD® designed analyzers for central and peripheral nervous systems studies. EEG and EMG can be analyzed simultaneously in freely-moving animals.



Our respiration modules process signals acquired from a variety of experimental setups such as whole body and head-out plethysmography, pneumotachography, implants for impedance analysis, and catheter for intra-thoracic pressure.



All NOTOCORD-hem™ cardiovascular, respiration and electrophysiology analyzers are suitable for telemetry acquired signals. Video acquisition is synchronized with other analog signals for behavior monitoring and activity index.



NOTOCORD® provides a complete solution for video-associated experiments including cameras, acquisition servers, remote monitoring, synchronized display with physiological signals and light-weight archiving.