Discover NOTOCORD-fps

NOTOCORD-Sense is the state-of-the-art software platform to acquire, display, and analyze physiological signals. It is designed to facilitate data sharing and enable simultaneous user access through several devices

  • Compatible with Axion, MCS and Alpha-MED
  • File compression by ~15 times
  • Automated marking
  • Smart interactive mark adjustment
  • All electrodes analyzed
  • Advanced reporting within Microsoft Excel™
  • Supports all protocols

Once you import the data files, NOTOCORD-fps will return the analysis and results without any user interaction. A 6 well plate (with 54 electrodes, 5 sub-records, 10ks/s) can be imported and analyzed in less than 15 minutes!

After conducting a brief (~15 min) manual review of the results, the user will be capable of generating a standard report using Microsoft Excel™.

Data acquisition using MEA technology generates large file sizes, so large that researchers often try to collect less data to compensate. With the advanced data processing offered by NOTOCORD-fps, raw signals are compressed during import giving approximately a 10-20 times reduction on the original file size by adjusting sampling frequency according to noise. Now you can unleash your protocol potential!

To improve marking quality, NOTOCORD-fps provides a user-friendly interface to quickly adjust a group of related marks by changing a single point on a single beat. The change will be applied to subsequent shapes automatically.

Using a proven methodology and the power of Microsoft Excel™, NOTOCORD-fps wizard allows you to extract the information you need from multiple experiments. You are able to create reports with tables and graphs according to your analysis protocol.

No programming macros, just use our Microsoft Excel™ add-in functions to get your results!