Here are the release notes for the latest commercial release.

Below are the release notes for version 4.3 containing all changes since version 4.2.

Type Definition
N New functionality
R Removed functionality
C Correction of a defect
K Known issue
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N DSI71a/b/c/d/e DSI Link2 acquisition server acquires up to 4/8/12/16/32 implants. DSI71a 2015/07/30 More
N VOL11a The module calculates the geometric mean of three inputs. VOL11a 2015/07/30 More
N Video Video synchronization works also for DSI70a and DSI71a. KRN43a 2015/07/30 More
N TMS31a The server supports Windows 7 64-bit driver. TMS31a 2015/07/30 More
N TMS31a The server supports REFA HR with a sampling rate until 5 kHz. TMS31a 2015/07/30 More
N TMS31a The server supports SaO2 channels of PORTI devices. TMS31a 2015/07/30 More
N Installer Installs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 if not found on target machine, required by DSI71a. DSI71a 2015/07/30  
N Markers Rendering speed for displaying large amount of event markers is highly improved. KRN43a 2015/70/30 More
N DSI70ab Support has been added for implant L00. DSI70ab 2015/07/30 More
N DSI70ab During data collection, when APR device is not responding, the last measured value is applied instead of the default value. WI5018 2015/07/30 More
C DSI70ab Acquisition starts when multiple instances are configured to have a delayed start at the same time point with this correction. WI5149 2015/07/30 More
C DSI70ab When an instance is configured to have a delayed start while another instance is in acquisition, this correction prevents any memory overflow of the server.   WI5138 2015/07/30 More
C DSI70ab Acquisition starts in scheduled recording mode with this correction. WI4860 2015/07/30 More
C DSI70ab During data collection, the ambient pressure value captured by the APR device is used to correct the pressure channels instead of the default ambient pressure value with this correction. WI4968 2015/07/30 More
C TMS31a Acquisition starts with a configuration containing the maximum number of output channels allowed by the license with this correction WI4964 2015/07/30 More
C DSI60a/b/c/d Support for HD implants has been added for DSI OpenART 64-bit and corrected for DSI OpenART 32-bit. WI4881 2015/07/30 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N DSI60a/b/c/d Support for DSI OpenART 64-bit under Windows 7 64-bit has been added. DSI60a/b/c/d 2015/02/18 More
N Licence manager There is now support for deployment licenses of custom EXT10anm modules created by customers. KRN43a 2015/02/18 More
C CTD60v With this correction, multiple video exports can be performed from CTD50v (HikFormat) to completion without stopping. WI2418 2015/02/18 More
C DSI60a/b/c/d The server interface is now in English instead of French with Region and Language format set to English UK or US. WI4488 2015/02/18 More
C DSI60a/b/c/d Permissions have been corrected on %ProgramData%\NOTOCORD so that users other than Administrator and the first user to use DSI60 can open a DSI60 configuration. This corrects the same problem for DSI70. WI4851 2015/02/18 More
C DSI70ab With this correction, the server no longer crashes when the Ambient Pressure Reference (E2S-1/APR-1) is connected to the Physiotel network. WI4660 2015/02/18 More
C Excel wizard With this correction, when Office 2013 is installed, starting NOTOCORD-hem Evolution 4.3 installs the Excel wizard add-in into Excel 2013. WI4473 2015/02/18 More
C Installer Shortcut, directory, and file names no loger contain the trademark (TM) symbol which caused problems on systems using the unsupported Japanese Region and Language settings. WI4470 2015/02/18 More
C IPD30a When an animal ID is changed, it is now correctly updated throughout the user interface with this correction. WI4449 2015/02/18 More
C IPD30a With this correction, the previous log is no longer incorrectly restored after modifying the sequence template and then clicking on Ok in the properties window. WI4469 2015/02/18 More
K DRV10a Recalculate only DRV10a, then the module is in acquisition mode (green), and its properties cannot be changed. The workarounds are to recalculate an upstream module, recalculate everything, or close and open the NSS file. WI2408 2015/02/18 More
K ECG51a Increasing the QT Duration Max can produce an access violation error message when retrying to propagate marks. The workaround is to lower the QT Duration Max to, for example, 500ms, recalclate all, close and then reopen the NSS file. WI1203 2015/02/18 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N Excel The Excel wizard works under Excel 2013 with Microsoft hot fix KB2863878. This hot fix is integrated into the installer. WI3293 2014/09/15 More
N EEG10b Spectral analysis of electroencephalogram. EEG10b 2014/09/15 More
N IPD30ab iPRECIO® Dual pump acquisition server and controller. IPD30ab 2014/09/15 More
N RME10a Reference mark editor for arrhythmia nowwith GLP features. RME10a 2014/09/15 More
N STE10a Stellar Telemetry acquisition module. STE10a 2014/09/15 More
N SZR30a Automated seizure detector. SZR30a 2014/09/15 More
N THR10c Threshold detection with e-mail alarm. THR10c 2014/09/15 More
N VMA10a Analysis of respiratory parameters in freely moving animals now excepts input from CVT10a (Signal Format Converter). VMA10a 2014/09/15 More
N WPI10a World Precision Instruments acquisition module. WPI10a 2014/09/15 More
R Corscience_BT3-6 Bluetooth® External Telemetry BT3/6 ECG device from Corscience. Corscience_BT3-6 2014/09/15 More
R CSW10ab Corscience BT3/6 acquisition up to 7/14 devices. CSW1ab 2014/09/15 More
R INS30a Customer specific Instrunet acquisition server. INS30a 2014/09/15 More
R SVR10a Systemic vascular resistance calculation. SVR10a 2014/09/15 More
R VIV10a Vivometrics LifeShirt Acquisition server. VIV10a 2014/09/15 More
R Misc Miscellaneous removal of very old modules: RAW30a, RCD30d, SWT10. Misc 2014/09/15 More
C Concatenate After opening an NSS file, opening concatentate, selecting a destination file, and then choosing cancel, the destination file is no longer created nor remembered with this correction. WI2274 2014/09/15 More
C Configuration report For a newly created NSS file followed by loading a configuration, the configuration report correctly displays the name of the configuration file with this correction. WI1200 2014/09/15 More
C CTD60a One can now copy the X and/or Y axis of multiple graphs and paste to another application, e.g,. paint, with this correction. WI2028 2014/09/15 More
C DSI60a/b/c/d An acquisition no longer fails if an animal ID is longer then 7 characters. Onlythe first seven characters are used as before so they still mustrepresent a unique ID with this correction. WI2169 2014/09/15 More
C DSI70ab With is corrections, 50/60 Hz filtering occurs in the neighourhood of QRS complexes. WI2705 2014/09/15 More
C DSI70ab With this correction, the installer now installs the required Visual C++ runtime distributable prerequisites if not present that allow the ambient pressure device to be detected. WI3095 2014/09/15 More
C DSI70ab When "Save Raw Data" is selected and "Save filtered data" is unselected, all data streams, raw and filtered, are no longer removed with this correction. WI3143 2014/09/15 More
C DSI70ab With this correction, when the pressure decreases under the lower limit of the domain, the correct value is now displayed. WI3155 2014/09/15 More
C ECG30s The "Time period of QT stablization" field can now display clearly three digits with this correction. WI1251 2014/09/15 More
C ECG31p "Invalid floating point operation" for certain signals and for long acquistions with crashes of the software from time to time no longer occur with this correction. WI4238 2014/09/15 More
C ECG51a When a mark is renamed from "X" to "Y", the associated "Missing - X" is renamed to "Missing - Y" with this correction. WI1206 2014/09/15 More
C ECG51a Statistics are displayed immediately after using "Apply marks from all marked reference beats" instead of after the next manual mark edition with this correction. WI1208 2014/09/15 More
C Licence manager The software cannot start if the licence manager is not running. An error message to this effect is displayed when it is not running with this correction instead of displaying the message that a license is not present. WI1267 2014/09/15 More
C LVP31a With eight instances of Hem.exe running with eight LVP31a modules per instance, an entry level system can acquire up to seven days of data with this correction. WI1207 2014/09/15 More
C QTC10a QTC10a no longer produces error codes E0010003 nor E0010004 in the log file when ECG51a is present in a configuration during acquisition. WI1205 2014/09/15 More
C RIA30a With this correction, the calibration factor is updated after a reculculation for a zone starting at anytime, not just near the start time. WI1209 2014/09/15 More
C Security and audit trail The correct reveiwed or unreviewed status is indicated when an NSS file is read-only with this correction. WI1199 2014/09/15 More
C Security and audit trail Licens numbers, e.g., 8768-900536, are no longer repeated multiple times in the audit trail. WI2231 2014/09/15 More
K DTV10a This module is sensitive to the manner in which data is fed into it and for certain cases can yield an exception in the log file instead of a result. WI1198 2014/09/15 More
K HRG30a For certain signals, incorrect detection of successive cycles is observed with this module. Contact [email protected] for a workaround using OPR10a. WI1978 2014/09/15 More
K TCF30a If the input signal is inverted, the cardiac output is not calculated and the beginning and manximum triggers are incorrect. Contact [email protected] for a workaround. WI1250 2014/09/15 More
K DSI60a/b/c/d This module does not support OpenART's inventory feature. Please use the recycle bin. Contact [email protected] for more information. TD2159 2014/09/15 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
C DSI70a/b An acquisition is no longer limited to 64 channels. It is now limited to 256 channels. WI1903 2013/01/23 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N DSI70a/b DSI PhysioTel™ Digital acquisition server up to 4/8 devices DSI70ab 2013/01/21 More
N ISO10r Rabbit isolated heart electrocardiogram analyzer ISO10r 2013/01/21 More
N LVP31a Left ventricular pressure analyzer LVP31a 2013/01/21 More
N TRI10a Analysis of transmural repolarization index TRI10a 2013/01/21 More
C RIA30a Corrected the update of the calibration factor that did not update for zones late in the acquistion when recalculating. WI1209 2013/01/21 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N ARR30a Arrhythmia detector ARR30a 2012/05/30 More
N BRS10A Baroreflex sequence analyzer BRS10A 2012/05/30 More
N CSA10a Cross-spectrum analyzer CSA10a 2012/05/30 More
N RME10a Reference mark editor for arrhythmia RME10e 2012/05/30 More
R PRT30a The continuous thermal printer AR200 signal recorder module was removed. PRT30a 2012/05/30 More
C About
window Eliminated a repetition of the license number in the About window. Use the TokenManager to see complete license details. TD2711 2012/05/30 More
C Installer Corrected the installer so that permissions on files in the workfile directory do not disappear after a GLP upgrade. TD2717 2012/05/30 More
C PLY30h Corrected an incorrect average value of the Tidal volume. TD2731 2012/05/30 More
C STT30a Corrected a spelling error in the user interface that caused confusion. TD2700 2012/05/30 More
C VME10e/v Corrected for the multi-graph window not repainting when the configuration window is open. This error generates log file entries and can block the user interface. TD2759 2012/05/30 More
C VSH10a/b Corrected an error in reading the license that prevented it from launching the VSH server. TD2715 2012/05/30 More
C XYD30a Reference document corrected and udpated concerning the display of successive zones with differing frequencies. TD2422 2012/05/30 More
K AMG50a Under rare circumstances, an audit trail entry is created while attempting a disallowed operation. TD1674 2012/05/30 More
K AMG50a Domain users and groups within a local group are not recognised even though the local group is authorised to perform an action. TD2061 2012/05/30 More
K AMG50a When a workstation no longer has network access to the access control server, it uses the latest access control configuration saved locally. TD2098 2012/05/30 More
K CTD60a The slope in the results window is calculated between the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the zone and not between the first time point and the last time point of the signal in the zone. TD2258 2012/05/30 More
K CTD60a With two screens, the Configuration Setup window and CTD60a dialog box do not appear on the same screen. TD2630 2012/05/30 More
K CTD60a When CTD60a is configured with two columns, one graph per column, if one graph is deleted, it is not possible to add a new graph. TD2674 2012/05/30 More
K ECG51a Recommendation: Do not use two-column mode with ECG51a. In two-column mode, when deleting the last graph with the right mouse-click menu, ECG51a and NOTOCORD-hem Evolution terminate. Reference beats may be lost and modules may disconnect from ECG51a. TD2748 2012/05/30 More
K KRN43a When a module and its license are added to a file after acquisition, the module is not available under a review license. TD2564 2012/05/30 More
K KRN43a A configuration created on a system with two screens may not be visible on a system with one screen. TD2610 2012/05/30 More
K LMG10a When newly created, local groups cannot be immediately used for video access control, a reboot is required. TD1818 2012/05/30 More
K NVC31a Parameters for this module are not written to the audit trail or to a configuration report. TD2170 2012/05/30 More
K VSB10a The error message "Video Server does not respond" appears when there are two network cards present and one of them is connected to the network of the Windows domain. TD2278 2012/05/30 More
Type Name Version Description ID Revised on More
N User manual The user manual and system requirements are updated for Windows 7. Documentation 2011/11/25 More
N Windows 7 32/64-bit NOTOCORD-hem Evolution 4.3 supports Windows 7 32/64-bit systems. W7-compatibility 2011/11/25 More
N OpenART 4.32 NOTOCORD-hem Evolution 4.3 supports HD-S21 implants and requires OpenART 4.3. DSI 2011/11/25 More
C VSH10a/b The export video function on a zone did not work with the latest Hikvision drivers and SDK. TD2351 2011/11/25 More
R Diskette licenses NOTOCORD-hem Evolution 4.3 no longer uses diskette licensing. TokenManager 2011/11/25 More

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