Training on NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution

NOTOCORD training

Take advantage of our team's experience and know-how for a training program meeting your project requirements!

Should you be a new customer or a regular user, our technical experts will deliver a comprehensive 1 to 3 days training adapted to your needs. Always delivered in small groups, our trainings are custom-made and can be focused on any part of the software. 
A training certificate is awarded at the end of each session.

Adapted to your needs

  • Create your own acquisition and analysis configuration
  • Create display windows adapted to the data and parameters to be analyzed
  • Build your own Excel™ analysis templates
  • Set modules and analyzers to get the best output

A solid understanding of the software main functions

  • Software overview: main functions, interfaces, display, event markers
  • Configuration: modules's properties, settings, customized setup
  • Data acquisition: basics, specific modules, hardware interface, calibration
  • File Management: file's characteristics, configuration saving and loading, archiving
  • Data Analysis: review and data recalculation
  • Data Reporting: Excel™ wizard, data extraction, customized templates
  • GLP / 21 CFR Part 11 environment: access control settings, audit trail, data approval
  • Video applications
  • Installation and maintenance: prerequisite, qualification tests, software update, license update, technical assistance request


  • 20 years experience
  • Know-how
  • 1-3 days
  • Small group
  • Customized