How to get Support Notocord

  • Technical support

  • Consulting

  • Software updates

  • Critical bugs correction

  • On-site Technical Support

Technical Support

  • Hot line priority for urgent issues.
    • Support Request opened within 2 working days then handled immediately by our Support team.
    • Problem diagnosis and software error identification
  • Data analysis optimization
  • Assistance with product installation and upgrade
  • Assistance on software usage
  • Assistance in setting up and improving configurations for data acquisition and analysis
  • Assistance in optimizing simple Microsoft Excel® extraction models
  • Guidance on hardware utilization and optimization


  • New experiment: Proposal for appropriate modules and hardware selection
  • New configuration: Support and guidance for specific and complex experimental cases
  • New analysis: Microsoft Excel® expertise and consulting, creation of complex template
  • New hardware: Review and selection of suitable hardware solutions

Software Updates

  • New software releases available during the maintenance year.
  • Software updates delivered upon request.
    • Minor versions: bug corrections, new functionalities or modules, functional or performance improvements (3 updates per year on average).
    • Major versions: corrections or modifications in the data management process, file structure or overall software architecture, leading to significant software modifications.
  • As a Microsoft Certified Partner, NOTOCORD provides ascending compatibility of its software with Microsoft operating systems.

Critical bugs correction

  • Correction upon request
  • Critical bugs are defined as recurrent issues exclusively generated by the code developed by NOTOCORD, leading to data loss or corruption, inability to acquire data or visually access all or part of the data, inability to display data via Microsoft Excel®.
  • Software version n (e.g. version 4.2) supported for a period ending 1 year after the release of version n+1 (e.g. version 4.3)

On-site Technical Support

  • 1 day on-site support per site and per calendar year. For a minimum maintenance fee of 15 000€/$ per site (European or North American) or 25 000€ per site (rest of the world).


  • Annual fees are 20% of NOTOCORD software licenses of public price list in force at the time of renewal period.
  • Volume discount
Annual fees Volume discount
>=50000 10%
>=100000 15%
>=200000 20%

Fees are in $ or €.


  • 1-year contract from January 1st to December 31th. Prorata temporis the first year.
  • Auto renewal with a 3 month termination prior notice.
  • Maintenance only apply to software products licensed by NOTOCORD. Maintenance does not apply to hardware.


  • Expertise
  • Technical support
  • Consulting
  • Updates
  • Corrections
  • On-site