System installation

Professional installation adapted to your experiments

We manage on-site and remote installation of all NOTOCORD® hardware and software, in standard, GLP or customized environment. It includes pre-installation support, integration with existing equipment as well as assistance in building the acquisition and analysis configuration.

Functional testing up to data acquisition complete NOTOCORD-hem™ installation service package. Installation Qualification (IQ) Document is delivered for each computer and an installation report is awarded at the end of each session.

What's included ?

Pre-installation support

  • Recommended configuration of your computer, adapted to the complexity of your experiment
  • Integration of the software with existing equipment

Installation of NOTOCORD-hem™

  • Instructions for the installation of the software components
  • Qualification tests
  • Software update process
  • Instructions for the installation of the licence
  • License update process
  • Configuration setup

Technical assistance

  • Support wizard
  • File upload from our website
  • Remote work tool (GoToMeeting®)
  • FAQ and application notes on MyNotocord


  • On-site
  • Remote
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • IQ delivery
  • Installation report