Outsourcing your data analysis

Our Data Analysis service is designed to analyze your experimental data in a fast and efficient manner, saving valuable time for your studies. You benefit from NOTOCORD® expertise and experience for an optimized utilization of our software on your data.

We provide high quality results using NOTOCORD-hem™ processing and analysis modules, as well as statistics and advanced reports customized to your needs and experimental protocols.

NOTOCORD® can sign NDA agreement with your company to realize this service.

A versatile offer

NOTOCORD® Data Analysis service covers:

  • multiple species: mouse, rats, guinea-pigs, dogs, non-human primates
  • multiple research domains: cardiovascular, electrophysiology, respiratory, CNS, video
  • multiple experimental protocols: implantable or non-invasive telemetry, in vivo or in vitro, anesthetized or conscious, restrained or freely moving animals.

The scope of our service can be extended to other species or other signal types on a case-by-case basis.

A simple process

NOTOCORD Data anlalysis process

  1. Acquire your experimental data with NOTOCORD-hem™ on your site, or from an outsourced company site (e.g. CRO). If data are acquired with another software, inform us to see if your data can be converted to NSS format.
  2. Send us all your raw data and define your analysis and reporting needs (e.g. QT interval duration, arrhythmia type and occurrence, averages per hour, etc.) and experiment protocols (e.g. hours of recording, number of animals, dosing, etc.).
  3. Your data is analyzed by a NOTOCORD® expert using our extensive library of analyzers and signal processors.
  4. We produce statistics and results using Excel™ capabilities.
  5. Analyzed data in NSS format, and reported data in XLS, DOC or PDF format are sent back to you.


  • External analysis
  • Expertise
  • Advanced reports
  • Versatility
  • Simple process
  • Time-saving