Custom product development

NOTOCORD Custom product development

NOTOCORD® is offering specific developments when your needs cannot be covered by the standard portfolio.
Our proven experience in software development for the life sciences industry and our willingness to ease and fasten your research are key success factors in that field.

A specific proposal will be provided after assessing the customer's needs and the availability of our software development team.

A proven methodology

Year after year we have developed an expertise in managing these projects and have built a comprehensive process to follow. After defining the scope of requirements as well as the validation points, a step by step acceptance process is proposed. This gives you the insurance that you can monitor the result and have corrective actions as soon as possible if needed.

The customer implication is mandatory to deliver a good product in time.




  • Specific development
  • Customized
  • Collaboration
  • Step-by-step
  • Control