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Data analysis

Our Data Analysis service is designed to analyze your experimental data in a fast and efficient manner, saving valuable time for your studies.

NOTOCORD Maintenance


Our maintenance service includes technical support, consulting, software updates, software error corrections and on-site visits.

NOTOCORD Validation


We provide consulting for the initial validation process of NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution and assistance for the validation of an upgraded version.

NOTOCORD Installation


We manage on-site and remote installation of all NOTOCORD® hardware and software, in standard, GLP or customized environment.



Take advantage of our team's experience and know-how for a customized 1 to 3 days training program, and always delivered in small groups.

NOTOCORD Custom products

Custom products

We can create custom products when your needs cannot be covered by the standard portfolio. Contact our team and explain your requirements.



  • Data analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Validation
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Custom products