Fast and easy reporting in Microsoft Excel®

When installing NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution, a specific toolbar called Excel wizard is automatically added to your Microsoft Excel® application creating a link between Microsoft Excel® and NOTOCORD-hem™. The Excel wizard provides fast and unique reporting in Excel® with the possibility to create customized data extraction templates saving time for your analysis.


Excel wizard by NOTOCORD

 The Excel wizard include six assistants designed to ease up and fasten data extraction and analysis.

  • File Info: extracts various information from a data file (filename, acquisition duration, acquisition start time, etc.).
  • Formula: extracts experiment information such as values, average, number of points, maximum, etc.
  • Event markers: extracts information on markers: number, type, assigned keys, name, etc.
  • Edit: redefines the data extraction zone on a signal display.
  • Chart: draws a graph representing extracted data.
  • Time-matched Extraction: ensures extracted data match appropriate events (eg: extracted data really correspond to a fully detected heartbeat).

With the Maintenance package, you benefit from expertise and consulting on Microsoft Excel®, assistance in optimizing simple extraction models and building complex templates.


  • Excel®
  • Data extraction
  • 6 assistants
  • Templates
  • Customized