28 May 2013
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Our baroreflex sequence analyzer BRS10a implements the sequence technique for spontaneous baroreflex analysis.

27 May 2013
Corporate, Events

This year we decided to export our Usergroup to the USA to meet with our American customers...

27 Mar 2013

Bio-Dot Scientific, New Delhi
Our 6th distributor in Asia

21 Mar 2013

Facing challenging T end positioning
See article in Ellegaard Newsletter

28 Feb 2013
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Measurement of ExG, hemodynamic or respiratory signals is performed relative to reference values, known as baselines...

28 Feb 2013

Cardiomyocytes, new products, drift removal ...
Released on Q2 2013

19 Feb 2013

On March 18-19, 2013, NOTOCORD® will attend the Pluripotent stem cells: Applications for cardiovascular risk assessment workshop.

18 Feb 2013

"By means of the online analysis feature, it is possible to carry out online quality assessment of a running experiment..."

10 Jan 2013

Usergroup, DSI Physiotel™, testimonial...
Released on Q1 2013

8 Jan 2013
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The calibration of analog input channels consists in a linear transformation of the input stream so that it shows the physical values instead of the input voltages.