28 Feb 2012
Scientific point

Quantification of QT has been a major safety consideration in the last decade in safety pharmacology.

28 Feb 2012

NOTOCORD® is currently working on a prototype of WPI30a, our futur server dedicated to World Precision Instruments (WPI) acquisition device. 

17 Jan 2012

New Windows 7 NOTOCORD-hem version, Call it HEM5, Detecting seizure...
Released on Q1 2012

23 Dec 2011
Support tip

Scheduled recording in NOTOCORD-hem is made possible with the SRE10a function.

21 Dec 2011

NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® is starting the 4.3 series, fully designed for use with Windows 7, 32/64-bit operating systems (some acquisition servers only work with 32-bit OS).

20 Dec 2011
In testing, Product

NOTOCORD is proud to announce that we are currently developing a complete new software package, code name HEM5. 

20 Dec 2011

Nervous system toxicity is the most problematic source of adverse drug reactions throughout drug development

20 Dec 2011

2011 was a successful year for NOTOCORD in the USA!