Welcome to NOTOCORD-Sense™!
25 Mar 2014


As you may know, it's been 3 years that NOTOCORD® teams are working on a brand new software solution code-named HEM5. We are happy to announce you that in addition to NOTOCORD-hem™, you will soon be able to work with:

NOTOCORD-Sense releases

The first version of NOTOCORD-Sense™ will be released in May 2014. It will be exclusively dedicated to the analysis of the field potential signals collected using multi electrode arrays with our brand new analyzer, the Field Potential Screener (FPS) built on the local file system paradigm.

The next releases of NOTOCORD-Sense™ will offer you data sharing capabilities using client-servers technologies. NOTOCORD-Sense™ will allow multiple users to read and analyze data at the same time, in a highly-secured environment precluding data conflicts. This technological change will suppress the local file boundaries allowing NOTOCORD-Sense™ to cross data coming from different experimental conditions.

NOTOCORD-Sense™ will also include all the modules that have been building the reputation of NOTOCORD-hem™. These modules will benefit from unique new features available in NOTOCORD-Sense™ only. For example, the user will be able to remove outliers from any module results, and to navigate and compare different analysis configurations applied to the same dataset.


> To get more information about our new software solution, participate to a NOTOCORD-Sense™ dedicated session at our Usergroup - June 5-6 in Paris.