Usergroup 2013: our American experience
27 May 2013

This year we decided to export our Usergroup to the USA to meet with our American customers. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Wilmington, Delaware, the second smallest state of the Unites States, located on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region.
We would like to thank Steve pettinger from R.M.I.S.S. who suggested the location and allowed us to organize this Usergroup back to back with the ITS Usergroup.

For this second Usergroup we gathered a smaller crowd than for our first Usergroup organized last year in Paris, a result of the pharmaceutical market compression and drastic cost reduction strategies. We are very grateful to all people who came and made this event lively and successful !

To encourage interactions between NOTOCORD-hem™ users as a group, and between the users and NOTOCORD® team, we decided to go with a more interactive agenda and less scientific lectures. That left ample time for discussions and experience sharing as that was, really, the goal of the meeting.

During these two days in Wilmington, we presented our new products and projects in the pipeline such as CardioXpress, a new high throughput early cardiac drug testing assay jointly developed with Multi Channel Systems and Pluriomics, and HEM5 our future software platform.

Many thanks to all speakers who shared their finding and presented their work as well as everyone for participating so actively and making the Usergroup a truly collaborative meeting.

Franco, our US Application Specialist at work for a demo of ARR30a.


At the end of the first day, it was time to chill out on Wilmington's rivert front at the Harry's Seafood Grill. After an epic taxi ride, the drivers finally located the right restaurant, as there are no less than three "Harry's" in Wilmington, and everybody could enjoy the "Delaware dinner" in a local and relaxed atmosphere.

Hungry growd ready for the social dinner.


The priviledged relationships that arise from such events keep us close to your expectations and to the pharmaceutical industry's life cycle including restructurations and new orientations. Your presence and active participation comfort us in the idea that such meetings are essential to our activity and to developing good relations with our current (and future!) customers.

Usergroups create perfect occasions to comprehend your needs and the everyday challenges you are facing with either our software or your R&D protocols.

Your feedback on our products and services is also greatly appreciated as it helps us set new goals and directions in our continuous improvement program, a requirement of the ISO9001 certification but above all the incentive that keeps us in the lead of software publishers for clinical studies. Your praising of our software was relayed to all NOTOCORD® employees who are more than ever dedicated to bringing you the best services.

Finally, we will carefully study all your comments and suggestions to improve our usergroups. Thanks for sharing so much with us and... See you next year !