In the Newsletter #16, the Support Tip section described how to perform scheduled recording (SRE) in long duration studies with the NOTOCORD-hem SRE10a function. It involves the following actions:
- opening the requested number of instances,
- loading the selected configurations,
- scheduling the timing separately for each instance.

Do you want to apply our analysis algorithms to data acquired with different software?

We provide a number of converters that allow reading data with different formats into NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution.
Among these different formats the European Data Format (EDF) is an open, non-proprietary file format for exchange and storage of biological and physical signals, published in 1992. EDF+ is an extension of the original format that allows recording annotations, stimuli and events.

CSA10a module computes the cross-spectrum between two continuous or discrete input signals.

Considering that one signal is the input and the other one is the output of a linear system, cross-spectrum analysis provides information about the transfer function of the system.
A configuration based on CSA10a, for the study of spontaneous baroreflex is shown in figure 1.