Scheduled recording of multiple instances
23 Dec 2011

In the Newsletter #16, the Support Tip section described how to perform scheduled recording (SRE) in long duration studies with the NOTOCORD-hem SRE10a function. It involves the following actions:
- opening the requested number of instances,
- loading the selected configurations,
- scheduling the timing separately for each instance.

Once SRE10a is configured, the parameters are saved in the configuration file, so they can be added to a template configuration and reused. However the start time should be updated and the SRE10a configuration window should be closed (press OK) to enter scheduled recording mode.

Multi Instances Wizard

Another approach for scheduled recording is proposed by the Multi Instances Wizard (“Assistant Multi Instance”, AMI), an application (.exe) retrieved recently for NOTOCORD-hem.

The AMI interface window is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: AMI interface window.


The left panel shows the configurations loaded by the instances on a "1 configuration for 1 instance" basis. The right panel shows the scheduled acquisition intervals defined by Start and Stop times. AMI allows to acquire several NOTOCORD-hem instances (8 maximum) during each acquisition period.

At the Start time, an instance is created for each configuration, the configuration is loaded and the acquisition starts. At the Stop time, the acquisition is stopped and the instances closed. Each instance creates a data file for each acquisition interval.

AMI displays the following statuses (in the left panel), as described in Figure 2:
Supervised: The instance is waiting for the next programmed acquisition interval. It was started individually in AMI or all the instances were started by pressing the Start All button.
- Running: The instance acquires data.
- Stopped: The instance finished acquiring data for the last programmed interval, or was stopped (individually in AMI or together with the other instances by pressing the Stop All button).

Figure 2:  AMI acquisition with 3 configurations and N intervals.


During the scheduled acquisitions the Start / Stop of the instances is automatically controlled by AMI.

The maximum number of configurations that can be used simultaneously is equal to 8 (maximum number of concomitant instances). Each configuration  used in AMI should be derived from the same configuration of the acquisition card, by selecting different input data channels.

An advantage of the AMI approach for long studies is that data files are available for analysis during the collection of data.

Contact us for more information on AMI.