Preclinical Research Center for Heart Failure, Myocardial Ischemia and Resuscitation
10 Jan 2014

The preclinical research center for Heart Failure, Myocardial ischemia and Resuscitation constitutes a unique laboratory allowing integrative cardiovascular investigations regarding cardiac disease that represent major health issues. Based on decades of experience and training, the center is headed by senior pharmacologists, veterinarians and cardiologists in order to provide high level of expertise.

Profs Alain Berdeaux (MD, PhD), Renaud Tissier (DVM, PhD) and Bijan Ghaleh (Pharm D, PhD)


The facilities are located within the National School of Maisons-Alfort near Paris (France) and are connected with Creteil Medical School (University of Paris Est Creteil) and INSERM U955. They provide unique tools to establish proof of concepts for developing new pharmacological compounds or devices to fight against heart failure (with reduced and preserved ejection fraction), myocardial ischemia (myocardial stunning, myocardial infarction) and the dramatic consequences of cardiac arrest. The experimental approaches are based on the use of integrative models of disease with extensive hemodynamic recordings and on/off line beat-to-beat analysis using NOTOCORD® softwares since 1994.

The equipment (dimensions measurements with sonomicrometry, transit time flowmeters, various pressure transducers, EKG) allows to assess left ventricular performances in chronically instrumented preparations and to precisely decipher the mechanical alterations to disease and adaptations secondary to drug administrations. These investigations are coupled with in vitro analyses (isolated vessels or cardiomyocytes).

There is a great need for predictive preclinical models before translating concepts to human through clinical trials. This can only be achieved by combining highly sophisticated and unique experimental model of disease along with the experience for the establishment of proof of concepts.

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  • Animal research
  • Academic research
  • Left ventricular expertise
  • Hemodynamics