Our 1st Usergroup: what an experience !
19 Jun 2012

From planning to the D-Days

The adventure really started about a year ago. The idea to hold a Usergroup had been discussed many times before at NOTOCORD® as the community of  NOTOCORD-hem™ "super-users" grew bigger and as the demands for such an event were expressed in the satisfaction surveys.
The moment had come to gather ours user and share the experience of one another on NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution.

Finding the right time and place was not that hard as June 7-8 was supposed to be sunny and warm... and Paris, as NOTOCORD®'s homeland, was quickly adopted.
Building the agenda was a tougher job. Hopefully we could count on 8 experienced people, to whom we express our gratidude, to form the Scientific Committee and help us corner the topics of interest for most users.

June 7-8: an ambitious and comprehensive agenda was now ready with many interesting presentations made by experts from both private and academic research. For NOTOCORD team it represented a unique occasion to show what we are currently working on and learn about the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Your feedback on our modules


Lunch and coffee breaks were duly appreciated whether to carry on discussions engaged earlier on during a session of after a presentation, or to just chill out and appreciate the view on the Eiffel tower.

Discussions carry on during the coffee break


Meeting each other

It was for us a great occasion to meet our customers and finally put faces on names we had known for many years. With such an international user community, people came from all over Europe, each of us with a different accent giving a touch of exotism to presentations and debates.

Summit meeting on the Hotel terrasse


Similarly, our customers got to finally meet during the Usergroup the people behind the software, the people who at NOTOCORD® work hard to create high-performance modules and applications.

NOTOCORD Design team


The Usergroup agenda,  presentations, pictures are available to customers on the Userspace.
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