NOTOCORD at the AHA Scientific Sessions Nov 2014
21 Jul 2014

NOTOCORD® welcomes you at booth #915, during the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2014 that will take place in Chicago, IL, on November 15-19, 2014 .

We will be happy to discuss about your needs for data acquisition and analysis, present our software solutions and see how we can set up or improve your system.

Working with stem cells derived cardiomyocytes?

We plan on showing a first version of one of our most exciting project, NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener, a novel analysis methodology for stem cell derived cardiomyocytes characterization, using field potential signals.

We propose the new software NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (NSFPS) to deal with the FP analysis issue. NSFPS is based on a new analysis method that enables the user to quickly process the maximum quantity of analyzable data. The concept of analyzable is entirely characterized by user-defined criteria and bad quality electrodes are automatically discarded. Then, instead of processing the whole recorded signal, the principle is to extract from each electrode and at each time point the useful information to deduce the cell’s characteristic and the effect of the compound. In addition, NSFPS provides the detection and the classification of the pro arrhythmic events.