NOTOCORD and INRIA are partnering for cardiomyocyte modelling
9 Jul 2013
NOTOCORD®1 and INRIA2 are joining forces in a long term partnership named CardioXcomp, a common laboratory dedicated to mathematical modelling for pharmacology research.
At INRIA, Mr. Jean-Frederic Gerbeau, Head of the REO project team3 specialized on the numerical simulation of biological flows, will provide the resources for this new entity.

Both parties are convinced that the use of mathematical models can significantly enhance qualification of novel biomarkers from experimental signals, and that mathematical modelling is one the strongest tool allowing to describe, save and play with biological interaction complexity.

The overall objective of CardioXcomp is to enrich NOTOCORD®'s offer with modelling & simulation solutions and provide to customers a completely new set incorporating state of the art signal processing and numerical simulation.

Descriptive and predictive models

NOTOCORD® is currently working on a project, CardioXpress, involving Multi Electrode Array (MEA) to study the electrical activity of cardiomyocytes. The innovation with respect to conventional techniques (patch-clamp, intracellular electrodes) is to provide not only temporal but also spatial information.

With the help of INRIA we want to go a step further and allow MEA users not only to acquire and process the spatio-temporal signals, but also to assimilate them into mathematical models of cardiomyocytes. The descriptive and predictive properties of such models shall give new perspectives to the experimenter. The simulation will test assumptions, e.g. the effect of compounds on ion channels, and facilitate the design of experiments.

Conversely, the experimental apparatus equipped with signal processing and simulation software will allow researchers to confirm or invalidate electrophysiology modeling assumptions.
The expected benefits are not only the implementation of an innovative software solution to pharmaceutical research and industry stem cells, but the patents on the use of these techniques to test the predictive effects of drugs on cardiac cells.

The CardioXcomp common laboratory, part of the LabCom4 program, has been accepted with 6 other labs by the ANR5, the French National Research Agency over more than 100 proposals.

About the organizations

1 NOTOCORD® is involved in the CardioXpress project, an innovative tool designed to explore to the potential of stem cells in pharmacology studies and consider alternatives to animal-based experimentations.

2 INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) is the French computational sciences research center.

3 The REO team involved in CardioXcomp is expert in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of biological flows.

4 LabCom is a program for joint laboratories between public research organisations and SMEs or intermediate-sized enterprises.

ANR, the French National Research Agency, provides funding to selected projects that fit into economic and societal research priorities.