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20 Jan 2015
img NOTOCORD-Sense new release coming soon
The next release of Notocord-Sense Field-Potential-Screener will include an improved plate organization management, and enhancements of the analysis steps. PRODUCT
2015: What is the future of telemetry?
Konigsberg Instruments (ITS) announced its closure last October. What is the future of telemetry in 2015 without this key player? PRODUCT
21 CFR Part 11 checklist: how to be compliant?
NOTOCORD just released the “21 CFR Part 11 Checklist” guide describing how NOTOCORD-hem software allows you to satisfy each requirement.. VALIDATION
Notocord Support tip: How to use integrator processor?
If you need a signal and only its derivative can be acquired, the signal can be reconstructed by using the integrator INT10a processor. SUPPORT TIP
[VIDEO] Drug infusion using iPRECIO Dual Pump
IPD30a is an acquisition server that allows data collection from iPRECIO® Dual infusion pumps and scheduling of infusions. VIDEO
Meet Kimberly Cline your new US Sales Representative
We are pleased to introduce Kim Cline as NOTOCORD's new USA Sales Engineer. CORPORATE