Newsletter #27: ECG analysis, Epileptic seizure analysis, NUG and more...
27 Jun 2014
Notocord Use case: Epileptic seizure analysis using SZR30a SUPPORT TIP  
An example of EEG seizure analysis using NOTOCORD automated EEG seizure analyzer SZR30a and its dedicated video-compatible mark editor RME10s will be presented from recording to reporting.
Notocord Use case: How to optimize ECG analysis? SUPPORT TIP
NOTOCORD offers a range of modules dedicated to ECG analysis, including the semi-automated ECG analyzer ECG51a and the automated arrhythmia detector ARR30a. Many of them come with settings, which allow to customize and optimize analysis.
Notocord Do you know MyNotocord? SUPPORT TIP
MyNOTOCORD is a userspace dedicated to our customers. You will find there information and documentation about NOTOCORD®'s software products and services... Log in or create new account for full access.
Notocord Customers satisfaction Survey CORPORATE
Customer satisfaction has always been a major goal for NOTOCORD. We look for continuous improvement and a high level of user satisfaction. Discover the results of our 2014 Customer Satisfaction survey.
Notocord NOTOCORD Usergroup 2014: Thank you! EVENT
It was a pleasure to welcome our users, customers and partners to our 3rd Usergroup. During these two days, we presented our new products and projects such as NOTOCORD-Sense our future software platform, and FPS, our new field potential analyzer.
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