New Windows 7 NOTOCORD-hem version!
21 Dec 2011

NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® is starting the 4.3 series, fully designed for use with Windows 7, 32/64-bit operating systems (some acquisition servers only work with 32-bit OS).

The 4.3 version ensures:

  • High performance acquisition with multiple data acquisition devices
  • Flexible user interface for easy configuration and analysis
  • Online analysis, display and data review
  • Interactive and advanced display capabilities
  • Fast and unique reporting system into Microsoft Excel®
  • Highly compressed data included in a single file
  • GLP / 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

What's new ?

Exit the yellow floppy disks ! The licensing system is now exclusively based on electronic licenses, much faster and easier to handle.
For this new release, the User manual, including the Setup and Get Started sections were fully revised and from then on will be available on the installation CD-Rom as well as on our userspace.

We also changed the look and feel of some sections: The design of the installer windows has been refreshed and is now brighter and more modern. The NOTOCORD-hem icon changed for a simple but recognizable .
The release notes got a lifting of its own for better readablility and use in GLP environment installations.

The kernel KRN43a now includes 8 default modules:

  • CTD60a: Universal chart display
  • CYC10a: Cycle detector
  • ITP10a: Linear interpolation filter
  • KBD30a: Event marker generator using keyboard
  • LAS30a: Signal generator from acquisition servers
  • NSR10a: Signal generator from NOTOCORD files
  • OPR10a: Simple arithmetic operation between 2 signals
  • UDA10a: Data streams retrieval