New service: Upgrade Validation Assistance (UVA). Save time and money!
21 Mar 2014


No heavy books are required with UVA! NOTOCORD® proposes a flexible and fully customized methodology to speed-up your NOTOCORD-hem™ software upgrade process in a GLP regulated environment.

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Focus on UVA10a

The UVA10a service consists in analyzing the risks linked to your NOTOCORD-hem™ software upgrade and focuses on the critical points for your validation. NOTOCORD® helps you make a decision!

Entirely customized to your own licenses and software versions

With your collaboration, NOTOCORD® analyses the software changes between your installed validated version and your future upgraded version by following the process below:

UVA10a process chart

You receive recommendations from NOTOCORD®, the expert on the software we develop and support.


“We upgraded from NOTOCORD-hem 4.2 (working on XP) to 4.3 (working on W7) for an Isolated Heart system. NOTOCORD adapted its methodology to our different needs. The impact analysis has been very helpful in the validation process. Definitions were very clear and we much appreciated the level of details provided in the documents. A specialized and dedicated contact helped us focus on the most critical points needed for the next steps. Thanks to the NOTOCORD Upgrade Validation Assistance service, we saved precious time.”

- Liomar Neves, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at CorDynamics, Inc.


Policy relative to operating system support

NOTOCORD cannot support releases of NOTOCORD-hem™ software under Windows operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft. Refer to Microsoft Support Lifecycle for more information.