New products on the way: threshold detector, WPI acquisition server, RME10a GLP compliant
22 Aug 2013

We are planning on releasing soon three modules to complete our portfolio on the NOTOCORD-hem™ software platform:

  • THR10c: Threshold detector with email alarm
  • WPI30a: Acquisition server for WPI devices
  • RME10a: Reference mark editor for arrhythmia for GLP studies

“You’ve got mail !” with threshold detector THR10c

THR10c is a threshold detector specifically designed to send email notifications when a user-defined threshold has been crossed. This feature is optional and customizable; each specified alarm can be sent to one or several addressees.

An email is sent to one or multiple adressees when a threshold is detected

Multiple alarms can be set up by placing as many THR10c modules (one alarm per THR10c module) in the NOTOCORD-hem™ Configuration Setup window as there are signals of interest. Each of them may be set with the same address(es) or different address(es).

THR10c provides functionalities such as baseline removal, different triggering modes based on the signal morphology and an optional input allowing real time restraint on trigger output.

WPI10a – acquisition server for WPI Lab-Trax 8/16 devices

Lab-Trax 8/16 is the latest acquisition hardware of World Precision Instruments (WPI), offering 8 single-ended analog input channels at a resolution of 16 bit and a maximum aggregate sampling rate of 400 ksamples/s (ksps). The input range is -10 V to +10 V.
The data are transmitted to the computer by USB 2.0 link.

Our server allows direct acquisition of analog input signals from Lab-Trax 8/16 at a maximum sampling rate of 20 ksps/channel. The signal preprocessing framework of our acquisition servers is present in the interface and allows selecting for each channel the most appropriate configuration (sampling rate, high-pass, low-pass or notch 50/60 Hz filtering). Each input signal can be invert or an offset can be added and a quick feed-back is displayed about the range usage.

Configuration of channels to be acquired in NOTOCORD-hem.


Lab-Trax offers also digital input/output channels and analog output channels that will be addressed in the next releases of WPI acquisition server.

Arrhythmia mark editor RME10a soon GLP compliant

RME10a is designed for manual editing and validation of arrhythmia marks generated with the arrhythmia detector ARR30a.
Our teams are developing a new version of RME10a compliant with GLP / 21CFR Part 11 requirements.

Access control and audit trail functionalities providing security of electronic records, restricted access to authorized individuals are now available, with our highly secure AccessManager application installed on your workstation.

With RME10a, marks from ARR30a are quickly imported, moved, inserted, accepted or rejected. Editing and validation are possible on the whole signal or on user defined zones.
RME10a is of particular interest for assessment of cardiac liability in Safety Pharmacology studies and for the validation of automated arrhythmia analysis.