New modules in NOTOCORD-hem 4.3.69
18 Dec 2014
Perform your experiments using Stellar implants
Our dedicated acquisition server for Stellar Telemetry implants connects up to 32 implants. Read more  
Conduct your drug infusion using iPRECIO® Dual pump
Our acquisition server allows data collection from iPRECIO® Dual infusion pumps and infusions scheduling. Read more   Watch demo
neuro & cardio solutions
Automatically detect epileptic events
Our seizure detector analyzes the EEG and detects epileptic events such as seizure, spike and spike train. Read more   Wach demo
Extract RMS and MPF from EEG signals
Our new module performs EEG spectral analysis signal using Fourier transformation and extracts RMS and MPF. Read more
Notocord Validate your arrhythmia detection in GLP environment
RME10a is designed for manual editing and validation of arrhythmia marks generated with our arrhythmia detector. Read more   Watch demo