New modules for contractility, isolated heart studies and DSI Physiotel™ acquisition
3 Jan 2013

NOTOCORD® is happy to announce the commercial release of 4 new modules in NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution version, including our acquisition server for DSI Physiotel™ Digital implants.

Compatibility with DSI Physiotel™ Digital implants

PhysioTel™ Digital is DSI™'s new fully digital large animal telemetry platform capable of monitoring animals in social housing environments.

The PhysioTel™ Digital implants collect pressure, two for the L21 implant (opposite) and one for the L11 implant, biopotential, temperature and activity parameters as well as X,Y,Z movement information in large animals.


Each implant is recognized by its unique Serial Number, allowing non-ambiguous recognition of the implant and avoiding data confusion.

DSI70a/b - DSI Physiotel™ Digital acquisition server for up to 4/8 devices

Our server DSI70a/b allows direct acquisition of signals from PhysioTel™ Digital implants in NOTOCORD-hem™. The module includes acquisition from DSI™ Ambient Pressure Reference Monitor (APR-1). Correction with the ambient pressure may be applied to the pressure channels. After configuration of the implants, acquisition may be shared between several NOTOCORD-hem™ instances, with each instance recording the desired channels.

DSI70a/b offers a wide range of filter for signal pre-processing with the possibility to save raw data, preprocessed data, or both.
Data collected with these implants can be processed with NOTOCORD®modules for cardiovascular studies including ECG, EMG and pressure analyzers.

►More on DSI70a/b and on NOTOCORD-hem™ compatibility with DSI Physiotel™ Digital implants.

Cardiovascular studies

LVP31a - our new Left Ventricular Pressure analyzer

LVP31a is our new and improved left ventricular pressure analyzer. It calculates data such as systolic and diastolic pressures, end-diastolic pressure (EDP), maximum and minimum derivatives of pressure, and relaxation index Tau using five different methods. Tau is the time constant of left ventricular isovolumic relaxation, and one of the best indexes to evaluate diastolic function and ventricular elasticity.

► More on LVP31a

Isolated heart studies

ISO10r - Isolated heart analyzer

ISO10r is an electrocardiogram analyzer for isolated Langendorff-perfused rabbit hearts that ensures:

  • Computation of QRS, JT, QT, T peak-to-end interval duration
  • Computation of time interval between stimulation artifact and QRS onset
  • High detection performance of spontaneous beats: Se = 98% and P+ = 94%

► More on ISO10r

TRI10a - Transmural repolarization index analyzer

TRI10a is a transmural repolarization index analyzer for isolated Langendorff-perfused rabbit hearts. It provides:

  • Analysis of transmural repolarization index (TRI)
  • Detection of spontaneous TRI
  • Automatic detection of stimulation pulse
  • Measurement of conduction time

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