New distributor in India
27 Mar 2013

Last April NOTOCORD® signed a distribution agreement for software products and services with the company Bio-Dot Scientific in India.

An emerging market

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been expanding steadily over the 5 years with an impressive annual growth rate above 15% making it one of the top five pharmaceutical emerging markets.
Foreign companies are increasing their operations in India which has become one of the most favoured destinations for collaborative Research & Development bioinformatics and clinical research.

By complying to the internal standards such as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), India's pharmaceutical industry is becoming a major player in outsourced clinical research as well as contract manufacturing and research.

As a leading provider of data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions, we are very interested in participating to the innovative and economic driving forces of the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Discover Bio-Dot Scientific

To increase our presence on the Indian market and provide software to Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and new pharmaceutical companies, we developed a partnership with Bio-Dot Scientific, a distributor based in New-Delhi.  

Bio-Dot Scientific was founded in 2002 with skills in physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, bio-medical engineering etc. Their fields of interest includes physiological recordings, isolated organ experiments, biomedical functions, electrophysiological and other nervous recordings.

This new partner joins our network in Asia which now counts 6 distributors of NOTOCORD® software products, covering the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and last but not least India.


Bio-Dot Scientific, New Delhi
R-31, Pul Prahladpur,
M.B. Road, New Delhi-110044, India
Tel: + 91 11 2636 3490b
Mobile: + 91 11 9911 422 525