New acquisition server for WPI device
28 Feb 2012

NOTOCORD® is currently working on a prototype of WPI30a, our futur server dedicated to World Precision Instruments (WPI) acquisition device. 

WPI30a will offer analog and digital data acquisition, with embedded filtering capabilities as well as a real-time scope (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Analog input tab for signal acquisition and real-time scope showing an ECG signal in sweep mode.

Regarding stimulation, we are working on user-defined analog signals generation. We are designing a clean and user-friendly graphical interface to provide a powerful tool for creating and displaying custom stimulation signals (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Graphical user interface mock-up for the analog signal stimulation generation.

For the prototype, we are focusing on two elementary stimulation types: pulse and pulse train. However, the final version will include seven stimulation types to build complex stimulation sequences (Figure 3).
The user will have to possibility to set all the parameters of each stimulation type and then shape the required stimulation protocol. 

 Figure 3: Stimulation types available in final version.