MEA & iPSC signals analyzer: discover Field Potential Screener (FPS) for NOTOCORD-Sense™
24 Mar 2014

In the context of CardioXpress, NOTOCORD is triggering an important milestone with the Candidate version of its Field Potential Screener (FPS) for NOTOCORD-Sense™.

CardioXpress is an Eurostars labeled project conducted by NOTOCORD, Multi Channel Systems and Pluriomics. This project aims at developing a new high throughput early cardiac drug testing assay based on the acquisition and analysis of field potentials from human induced pluripotent stem-cells derived cardiomyocytes.

The first version of our Field Potential Screener (FPS) for NOTOCORD-Sense™ will be released in May 2014.


Take a look at some key features of the tools we’ve designed to perform fast and efficient analysis of the huge amount of data that can be generated by such a powerful technology:

Automated calculation of a normal representative beat for each concentration on each electrode

For each analysis period, on each electrode, NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (FPS) compares each single beat and classify. Thus are averaged together only similar beats. The class in control concentration with highest number of beats is used to define “a normal beat”. Each main beats of the other concentrations is determined according to this normal beat.

Automated selection of analyzable electrodes

One of the most important step in the analysis is to select the electrodes where the signal is stable and not too noisy. We put in place an automatic selection of the electrodes on which the control period is in agreement with your limits, on some criteria like rhythm or morphologic variations. Unsuitable electrodes are automatically rejected from the analysis.

Electrodes selection according to user define range on several criteria


Mark what you want, where you want it

NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (FPS) allows you to define up to 26 possible characteristic points and all the possible derived calculation. NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (FPS) identifies in the main beats of control period some reference beats and allows you to place your mark of interest on them; marks are propagated on all the other main beats.

Waterfall view of all main beats from control period (green) to 30 µM of Sotalol (red) and evolution of the characteristic points


Abnormal event indicator

Marking beats allows to calculate the evolution with increasing concentration of your parameters of interest. Nevertheless, one of the important information is the presence of abnormal beats that reveal proarrhythmic effect of the compound. NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (FPS) allows you to quickly identify zones that potentially contains such events.

Increasing number of abnormal events with the increasing concentration of Sotalol. Upper graphs display the raw signal with the distribution of the different classes, the middle graphs display the rate and the bottom graph a superimposition of all classes from the zone.

Export results under Microsoft Excel

Draw your own dose response curves and export the results you want under Excel.

A dose response curve of the field potential duration with calculation of the IC50

Save time with NOTOCORD-Sense™ Field Potential Screener (FPS)

Several features allow you to perform your field potential analysis in a fast and efficient way.

Write your protocol one single time and reuse it for all similar experiments. Acceptance criteria, analysis parameters, user defined curves and calculations will be automatically applied. Plate compounds organization and experimental scheduling will be automatically adapted to the current experiment.

A library allows you to save and reuse the reference beats you’ve marked with your expertise for further analysis. The more you use the software, the more it learns, and the less you’ve got to manually mark.

Finally, 15 minutes of full automated process* (a batch processing is available to start several analysis together) and 15 minutes of review allow you to get the full results for an experiment with a control and 5 concentrations of compounds, on a 6 well plate with 54 electrodes.

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* 6 periods of 2 minutes acquisition at 10 kHz, analyzed on an Intel® Core™ i7-4770 @ 3,40 Ghz and 16 GB RAM.