IPD30a: our server for iPRECIO® Dual infusion pump
11 Sep 2012

IPD30a is a server that allows data collection from iPRECIO® Dual infusion pumps and scheduling of infusions. Only one IPD30a module is needed for all iPRECIO® Dual pumps used in the experiment.

With IPD30a, the injection procedure is easily programmed and is started remotely. A complex sequence with many boluses may be scheduled at a time. Dosing may be set automatically based on animal weight, in order to save time and limit the risk of human error. Monitoring the status of each pump and the infusions progress is available through IPD30a’s display window. The user is clearly alerted with issues, like a low battery which needs to be replaced or an occlusion.

Coupling drug infusion with telemetric recording of physiologic data

Both telemetric physiological recordings and infusion information are contained in the same NSS data file and are displayed in NOTOCORD-hem™ in real time during the acquisition. All data and events are recorded, including scheduled changes in input channel and infusion flow rate, as well as communication interruptions. Reporting is done through NOTOCORD-hem™ Excel wizard. Infused volumes are extracted as well as physiologic signals (QT or blood pressure for example), allowing to easily relate drug dosing to physiological changes.

Controlling iPRECIO Dual with IPD30a

IPD30a is compatible with GLP studies. Any change in the infusion parameters is recorded in the audit trail and access control rules may be set.

Remember the key features

  • Multiple device management (theoretically up to 240)
  • User-defined infusion sequence for each pump
  • Easy programming, dosing control and monitoring
  • Monitoring occlusion, low battery and communication interruptions
  • Infusion volume or dose saved as a raw data
  • GLP and Part 11 compliant