How to import European Data Format files in NOTOCORD-hem?
2 Mar 2012

Do you want to apply our analysis algorithms to data acquired with different software?

We provide a number of converters that allow reading data with different formats into NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution.
Among these different formats the European Data Format (EDF) is an open, non-proprietary file format for exchange and storage of biological and physical signals, published in 1992. EDF+ is an extension of the original format that allows recording annotations, stimuli and events.

EDF+ data can be converted to NOTOCORD-hem™ files using our converter EDF2NSS. The interface displayed by EDF2NSS is shown in Figure 1.

Figure1: EDF2NSS interface.

EDF2NSS should be used on a computer that contains a NOTOCORD® acquisition license. The converted data are sent to the file manager (FOG) that writes the NSS file(s) on disk (Figure 2).

Figure 2: EDF2NSS uses FOG to write files on disk.

The modules contained in the acquisition license are used to build the analysis configuration.

When you open a fresh converted file the configuration is empty, so you cannot see and analyze the data. The modules contained in the acquisition license are present in the NSS file and can be used to build the analysis configuration.

Check the integrity of the data by placing a display CTD60a in the Configuration Setup window and use the Display configuration menu to display the data. The converted data are orphan streams.

Use a UDA10a module to capture the orphan continuous streams for analysis and a KBD30a to capture the orphan annotation streams.
Then build the analysis configuration.

Save the configuration in a template and load it in the converter in order to apply it to the NSS file automatically. At the end of the conversion you just need to adjust the analysis parameters and recalculate the NSS file.
To recalculate automatically a group of files use NOTOCORD-hem™ command line.

Import data from AD Instruments into NOTOCORD-hem™

The first step is to export the data from AD Instruments file to an EDF format file.

In order to convert the Comments into markers in the NSS file, export the Comments to an additional text file, as LabChart does not support exportation to EDF+.
The text file and the EDF file should have the same name.

Select in EDF2NSS the EDF file, the associated comments file and the NOTOCORD-hem™ configuration to apply, and then perform the conversion.

An additional Archiving step can be performed to keep in the file only the signals of interest before analyzing the data in NOTOCORD-hem™.