From QT to Math
6 Jan 2014

After more than 10 years, Safety Pharmacology is leaving the QT prolongation planet.  A lot of energy is required to launch the rocket from the gravity well.  How will this enterprise flow and hit the next target?  While many scientific questions are still open, there is no turning back.
NOTOCORD®’s initiative to develop CardioXpress is part of our strategy in providing an efficient software platform to collect, analyze, share, and validate usage of stem cells for a predictive cardiac drug induced liability assay.
A first official release is scheduled for April 2014 on top of our first platform, code named HEM5.
Furthermore, a few months ago, NOTOCORD® launched the CardioXcomp common research lab with INRIA. Modelling & simulation will be included into our future offers.
As the complexity of biological systems knowledge is increasing by 100 (or more) every year, there are no other tools than softwares & computers to manage this tremendous increase of data/knowledge. A mathematical model is just the new way to write and save dynamic knowledge.  So do we need to compare such tools to experimental models?  No.  Mathematical models can only survive and bring their power by developing innovative experiments to improve validity, confidence.  What to expect? Just a predictive simulation saving a lot of repetitive animal tests, a lot of human resources, etc.
And of course our NOTOCORD-hem™ 4 platform will continue to receive new modules.  We are adding Stellar Telemetry new implants, iPRECIO® Dual infusion pumps, World Precision Instruments LabTrax new A/D device, and more analysis modules.
June 5-6th, 2014 will be our next NUG204 (Notocord User Group).  After our successful first two meetings, keep your agenda open for our next meeting.  Feel free to send us some of the topics you would like us to develop.
In the meantime, all the NOTOCORD® team wishes you a great 2014 for your family, professional projects and simply you.