DSI PhysioTel™ Digital implants compatible with NOTOCORD-hem™
7 Jan 2014

NOTOCORD® is designing DSI70x, an acquisition server dedicated to DSI PhysioTel™ Digital implants, for signal analysis in NOTOCORD-hem™.

The PhysioTel Digital implants

PhysioTel™ Digital is DSI™'s new fully digital large animal telemetry platform capable of monitoring animals in social housing environments .

PhysioTel Digital L21 implant from DSI The PhysioTel™ Digital implants collect pressure (two for the L21 implant and one for the L11 implant), biopotential, temperature and activity parameters as well as X,Y,Z movement information in large animals.

Each implant is recognized by its unique Serial Number, allowing non-ambiguous recognition of the implant and avoiding data confusion.

PhysioTel™ Digital implants in NOTOCORD-hem™

Our forthcoming server DSI70x allows direct acquisition of signals from PhysioTel™ Digital implants in NOTOCORD-hem™.

After configuration of the implants, acquisition may be shared between several NOTOCORD-hem™ instances, with each instance recording the desired channels.
One channel may be recorded in several NOTOCORD-hem™ instances. Acquisition of several implants under a single NSS file may be shared through one or several DSI70x module in the same configuration.

Single module (A) or several modules (B) for acquisition of multiple implants in one NOTOCORD-hem™ instance.

DSI70x filter for signal pre-processing

DSI70x offers a wide range of filter for signal pre-processing with the possibility to save raw data, preprocessed data, or both.

DSI70x includes acquisition from DSI™ Ambient Pressure Reference Monitor (APR-1) and correction with the ambient pressure may be applied to the pressure channels. Ambient pressure signal may be saved in the NSS file.
A special output allows direct recording in the nss file of the major events during the acquisition, like the disconnection or reconnection of an implant when the animal is left out of the cage.

DSI70x properties window

Data collected with these implants can be processed with NOTOCORD®modules for cardiovascular studies including ECG, EMG and pressure analyzers.