Drug Toxicology meeting: Seizure detection & ECG analysis
12 Oct 2012

Come and meet us during the 2nd China Annual meeting of Drug Toxicology, that will take place in Chengdu on October 24-26th, 2012.

NOTOCORD® is proud to present two oral communications on :

- Oct. 25th - 11.00-11.20 am in Chengdu Hall (5th floor) / Symposium 1
Is an automated and online Seizure Detection possible in non-human primates and rats?

NOTOCORD® is developing a high-performance and real time automated detector for seizures, spikes and spike trains.

This new module will first be dedicated to rats and non-human primates and will open later to other species. It should significantly shorten detection process.

► More about Seizure detection

- Oct. 25th - 1.35-1.55 pm in Chenghua Hall (8th floor) / Symposium 3
All the ECGs that Nature provides: quantitative analysis across multiple species

ECG51a offers full customization of your ECG analysis thanks to its semi-automated processing based on user-defined tags.

ECG51a is a flexible tool that fits multiple species and protocols, with convenient presets for easy parameter configuration.

►More about ECG51a