Data refining in HEM5
28 Feb 2012

Our future software package HEM5 will allow data refining, a new feature that includes or excludes data points for your analysis.

We aim to provide a new presentation of the relation between the values of two data series, for example the relation between the QT and RR durations from an ECG analysis (Figure 1).

The tool will allow you to create and define, in areas of interest, data subsets which may be further used for performing additional analysis or simply to manually include or exclude data from calculations.
Inclusion, exclusion, intersection between the areas of interest - these are some of the functionalities supported by the data refiner.

Additionally, our goal is to present some automated statistics based on the relation between the two data series such as calculation of a regression line and confidence interval.

In Figure 1, the ECG’s RR duration series is plotted against the QT duration series. One may immediately define area(s) of interest by creating his own shape(s). The selection will be reflected instantly in original plots.

Figure 1: Original data series (left) reflect the selection in the area of interest (right)

Subsequently with a simple click basic statistics calculations are performed on the selected range of data (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Display of calculated statistics from selected data.