Customer satisfaction survey results
24 Jun 2014

Customer satisfaction has always been a major goal for NOTOCORD. We look for continuous improvement and a high level of user satisfaction. We do that in 3 steps:

  1. Asking your opinion on our products and services, our support team, our communications tools.
  2. Identifying major area of improvement raised by our customers.
  3. Ensuring concrete products and services improvement

2014 survey results, in brief

  • 100% are satisfied with NOTOCORD products
  • 97% are satisfied with NOTOCORD services

> Download the survey results

What has been done since last surveys?

"Make the software easier to use"

  • NOTOCORD-Sense™ , our new software platform will include new and improved features
  • Example configuration & tutorials are available on MyNOTOCORD
  • User manuals & technical documents have been revised for a better readability are available on MyNOTOCORD

"Make validation process easier"

  • Creation of a new service: Upgrade Validation Assistance (UVA)
  • Dedicated team available to help you through validation process.

And more...

  • New sections on our website focus on solutions tailored to the different phases of pharmacology research
  • Face-to-face meetings with users during the Usergroups enable personalized software demos